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February 14, 2014

Custom Shower vs Whirlpool Tub


There are many things to consider when renovating a bathroom; tile color, sink and vanity design, shower head types, but none are more important and personal than the question of: Custom Shower or Whirlpool Tub? This post is intended to break down the pros and cons of each option and help to curb the anxiety over choosing which is right for your bathroom and best for your personal enjoyment in your Master Bathroom.

Custom Shower PROS:


Shower heads can be varied in order to provide different types of water pressure and adjusted in different areas of the shower for multi-person and types of spray (ex: rain fall from large spray overhead, or separate sprayers from the wall unit). Endless possibilities for overall design.


Lots of customization can be achieved in a custom shower renovation including bench seating, separate changing areas or towel hanging, as well as various heights in order to adjust to taller customer’s needs for their shower heads.

Custom Shower Cons:

Not Ideal for Young Children

Does not provide a space for small children to bathe if this is only bathroom in house.

Customization and Cost

Can be much less cost effective because of all the possibilities for customization. Costs can add up quickly based on how extravagant you wish for your shower.


Whirlpool Tub PROS:

Relaxation & Luxury

The Whirlpool tub provides a more luxurious feel to the room; feeling of relaxation and retreat. This appeals to women more frequently as they desire to feel pampered and enjoy the option of taking a long soak in their tub.

Resale Value

Many new buyers would like the option of a tub in their new home and a Whirlpool gives a higher desire and value to many women buyers or couples in order to better suit a “his and hers” feel to the Master Bathroom. Also, if this is the only bathroom in the home, it provides a more versatile bathroom for bathing children and pets.


In tight spaces, a shower/tub combination with a Whirlpool can save space and money. This option is a good fit for bathrooms that require a more creative design in terms of space and getting the most for the cost.


Whirlpool Tub CONS:


A Whirlpool tub is used less frequently for daily bathing purposes and therefore is less versatile for your bathroom and would still require a shower as well.


Most likely you will have a shower/tub combination or a separate shower and tub in the bathroom, therefore the Whirlpool tub option will be a decrease in the overall bathroom square footage to consider for other must-haves that may be on the renovation list (linen closet, vanity space etc.).


A Whirlpool tub only has a limited number or options when it comes to customization, such as color, size and number of jets. The size will depend on the amount of space allotted for the tub in the renovation of the overall space.


Our Pick: Custom Shower

If you plan to ever sell your home, we would recommend the custom shower for being more unique and valuable compared to a whirlpool tub. A luxurious, high-end custom shower provides not only a great first impression on a potential home buyer, but also a lasting impression!

Custom showers are more versatile and easily customizable with all kinds of different features. You can install any of the following: wall pack, soap nitch, decorative borders, corner seats, and more! Showers even tend to stay cleaner, because it’s much easier to rinse off in the shower.

Why Not Both? Go Big with Both Custom Shower and Tub

Adding an adjacent tub next to the custom shower can provide the best of both worlds. When paired with an adjacent tub, your custom bathroom will appeal to everyone. This is probably the safest investment in your bathroom, for a high-end luxurious feel of the custom shower, with the added convenience and relaxation factor of a tub.

Contact Your Local Bathroom Renovator: Lighthouse Tile Design

A consultation with a contractor is a good way to sort through all the options and help with budgeting for the project. We can help you from the start: design, customization, materials, creation, and tips on best maintenance. Contact Lighthouse Tile Design today to discuss your next bathroom renovation project!

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